Stoned Bud Society NFT

We helped deliver an eclectic NFT collection on the Solana blockchain called Stoned Bud Society

The Overview

Launching an NFT project for cannabis enthusiasts. From Conception to deployment.

The Context & Challenges

We planned to launch an NFT project to the world. The NFT technology on the solana blockchain was very new at the time so it required us to do some deep dive into documentation and learn alot from other projects.

The Process & Insights


Our team came up with the concepts of weedheadz, a team of superhero character which is a clear nod to marijuana enthusaists.

We then built the designs using our in house team of illustrators and aimed to generate over 8000+ NFTs.

We had to create a plethora of character skins, clothing and accessory pieces in order to give the randomly generated characters enough variation.

In total over 300 items were created by our art team.

We also designed our site in Figma


We planned to launch on Solana, meaning we had to pick up rust and learn the solana dev environment. We were able to build our website giving our users the ability to mint an NFT if they had a sufficient crypto wallet.

We also built the website in NextJS and many plugins that made it easy for our users to interact with the Solana Blockchain

Community / Marketing

We had engaged with other NFT communities and influencer to engage in giveaways to build a hype and increase brand awareness.

We had built a discord & twitter community into the 1000s and regularly engaged in twitter spaces and included ourselves in other communities in order to increase the amount of people who knew about the project

The Result

We were able to launch our project and sold 1000’s of NFTs. As this was our first project, we learnt from the process and helped others launch their own projects.

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