XCAD Launchpad

XCAD needed help to launch their new web3 enabled frontend


We helped build & relaunch XCAD Launchpad, a project helping content creators launch their own web3 fan tokens.

Context & Challenges

XCAD needed help rebuilding their XCAD Launchpad site after securing multiple partnerships with famous content creators like KSI etc.

There was multiple UX / UI changes that were needed to give the user the best experience in the web3 enabled space. The site needed to be able to handle the whole user flow from login, depositing XCAD tokens on the blockchain, to claiming their favourite content creators fan tokens.

We also needed to build a complementary site that users can reach via their plugin that geofences certain users (US & India, due to local regulations) to disallow them to purchase crypto via credit cards

There was a lot of technical challenges on this project but given our team's vast expertise, we were super confident we could handle this.

Process & Insights

The site was a Next.JS build which allowed us to create easy SSR enabled pages and easy page routing.

We had to explore new and exciting blockchain technology like Zilliqa and Binance Smart Chain which we have previously worked with on our other projects.

We used ether.js for smart contract interactions on the EVM side of things and zilliqa-js to handle the Zilliqa Blockchain interactions. Picking up Zilliqa wasn't too hard as we are a few crypto projects deep so this experience helped expedite the process.

Getting the user experience was crucial as the web3 space was already known for bad UX already so we had to take peculiar care of things like connecting multiple blockchains to a user account, being able to toggle through those accounts to deposit tokens etc.

The Result

XCAD were able to launch several fan tokens on their site, with thousands of users participating, depositing $100,000's worth of XCAD on the site.

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